Numbness and Burning Feet

Before this article starts, please understand that any prolonged numbness in your body needs to be addressed by a podiatrist. Period.

When your feet are numb or feel like they are on pins and needles, it can make it difficult to walk, fall asleep, put your shoes on and off, and even manage everyday tasks. This condition is called paresthesias. Paresthesias is the feeling of pins and needles that you get whenever one of your limbs “falls asleep.” There are several reasons why someone’s feet might go numb or feel like they are burning and none of them are great news.

Paresthesias is common and most often temporary, but if the condition is chronic or you haven’t been putting prolonged pressure on the limbs, there may be something else entirely causing it. Diabetes is another reason your feet might not feel right, often causing poor circulation in the legs and feet, which of course can make them numb. While there are about forty more reasons why your feet might feel this way, the important thing to remember that paresthesias is really a symptom, and not a disorder.

Putting prolonged pressure on your feet by sitting crosslegged is a definite reason for your feet to go numb. The nerve endings are cut off by pressure and it “falls asleep,” waking painfully with the feeling of pins and needles, and a burning sensation as the blood flows back into the affected body part. The best way to avoid this of course is to make sure that you don’t do anything that will cut off blood circulation in your feet for a prolonged period of time.

Further to this, diabetes is is one of the biggest reasons why your feet might burn or feel numb and it also has to do with poor circulation. Diabetes slows down the blood flow to the extremities and the feeling of numbness is persistent as a result.

Burning and Numbness as a Symptom

Again, numbness of the feet is almost always a sign of something more dangerous. Paresthesias is a symptom of several diseases and can help narrowing down the results. Below are some of the other diseases or disorders that numbness in your feet may point to:

That isn’t all either. There are other issues that may cause these symptions:

These are all things that should be addressed promptly by a physician for treatment, unless of course you’ve just been sitting on your feet and they need to “wake up.” In that case alone, the numbness would go away in a few minutes, followed by a painful tingling and burning sensation as the blood flows back into the area. Otherwise, see a podiatrist or your regular physician so they can determine whether or not you need other medical treatments to stop the pain and numbness in your feet.