Sports Related & Other Injuries

A regular exercise schedule offers a long list of health benefits to individuals ranging from increased energy to losing weight and a healthy heart. However, exercising and participating in sports can also lead to several types of foot injuries and pain.


Foot Pain and Discomfort


The foot has over 100 ligaments, an entire system of tendons and nerves, as well as 26 bones with over 30 joints. Overall, they are very resilient, but with that many parts involved in foot movement, there is no shortage of opportunity for occasional issues. When you participate in exercise related activities, you always risk injuring tendons, bones or muscles in your feet, due to repeated stress and movement.


The good news is most foot injuries heal with a little time and appropriate treatment, although it can be painful for a prolonged period while healing. If you begin feeling discomfort and pain in one or both feet, it is important to consult with a podiatrist for appropriate treatment options. Foot pain can occur in various areas of the foot and there are several injuries commonly associated with continued stress on the foot.


Common Foot Injuries from Sports Related Activities


Stress Fractures


Regular and continued stress on the foot causes stress fractures. The muscles in the foot become fatigued and transfer a large amount of stress to the bone, which causes a small crack in the bone. A healthy dose of rest is the primary cure for most stress fractures and braces or supports can help as well.


Heel Spurs


These can occur as calcium builds under the heel bone over several months. The best way to avoid this problem is with a proper stretching routine before physical exercise. It is particularly important to stretch the tissue underneath the foot as well.




Sesamoids are the foot’s ball bearings, as they are actually small bones located under the metatarsal bone. During high-impact exercise such as running, soccer or aerobics these bones experience a large amount of force, which can cause swelling and fractures. Common treatments include proper fitting shoes and various types of orthotic aids.


A prompt visit to your podiatrist and following their advice is always the best way to treat and cure common foot problems associated with exercise and sports. Allowing for plenty of rest and paying close attention to signs of foot pain can sometimes help avoid these issues.