Our Staff


Our team consists of highly trained professionals with understanding of both your medical requirements as well as customer service. We are an organized team that works together to provide you, our patient, with the highest quality foot and ankle care possible. The kindness of our staff is evident as you receive complete foot and ankle care in a venerable, relaxed setting.

We are proud of their accomplishments and pleased to have them as part of our staff.

Meet the Team:


Joan Markizon has been office administrator since Dr. Markizon began practicing in Vineland. She is responsible for making sure you have the exceptional foot care experience“.

Susan Flanagan, is our office manager. She is the “go to” person. She takes care of everything and is the person you need to speak with regarding any complications with your insurance billings/payments. Susan has been employed by Dr. Markizon since 1993.

Patient Administration

Christina is our Patient Care Coordinator. She is also liason between your Primary Care Doctor and our office. She is in charge of “happiness.”

Wendy Torres is the last person you will see in the office. She will schedule your next appointment, and  dispense any items you have purchased.

Susan Ippolito is our Insurance/Billing specialist. She manages our Orthotic program and Financials.

Christine makes sure that the insurance company does its part and pays your claim. Sometimes she might call you and ask for your help.

Charlien Patterson, “jack of all trades,” you’ll find her everywhere in the office. She’s one of our receptionists and a key player in the office staff for eleven years. She maintains the front desk, is the surgical coordinator, and runs the clinical side of the office. She also is in charge of our vascular testing.

Front Desk

Christina is our head receptionist. As such, she will likely be the first person you see when entering our office. She provides excellent service to the patients. She’s the person who can find an appointment for you when you really need one asap.

Our Clinical Staff

Dawn Sharp, a ten year member of our staff, is in charge of our Diabetic Shoe Program.