Lapiplasty is a revolutionary surgical procedure designed to address the root cause of bunions, a common and often painful foot deformity. Unlike traditional bunion surgeries that focus on removing excess bone or soft tissue, Lapiplasty aims to correct the misalignment of the metatarsal bone at its base. The procedure involves three-dimensional correction of the deformity, utilizing advanced instrumentation to precisely reposition the metatarsal bone and secure it with titanium plates. This innovative approach not only provides more reliable and lasting results but also allows for a quicker recovery compared to traditional methods. Lapiplasty has gained popularity for its ability to address the underlying biomechanical issues associated with bunions, leading to improved patient outcomes and a reduced likelihood of recurrence. As a result, this procedure represents a significant advancement in the field of podiatric surgery, offering patients a more effective and enduring solution for bunion correction.

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