Foot Care Centers Shoe Store is Here!

Our Vineland Location now features a full line of Podiatrist Approved Foot Wear!

  • We cater to all walks of life, most foot pain and foot problems stem from improper foot gear, you can take advantage of our experts to help size your foot and select shoe gear that suits your life style and activity level.

  • Improper shoe gear can lead to pain, calluses, and in some cases blisters and wounds.

  • Heel pain and plantar fasciitis is the most common issue related to shoe gear that is not supportive leading irritation and strains on many soft tissue structures. 

  • Let our experts show you what you are missing and schedule a shoe fitting appointment today, call today 856-691-2152 and ask for our shoe specialist Kate Rodriguez.

  • We take into consideration deformities such as bunions, hammertoes, and flat arches in order to help you function without pain.

  • We offer a great selection of athletic, casual, and dress shoes along with boots to accommodate all types of activities and lifestyle.

Our Podiatrist approved foot wear has extra depth and width to help accommodate your foot type and improve your function, we carry the following brands: 




Dr. Comfort


*As of Spring of 2024 we only stock select styles and sizes, due to multitude of styles, colors, sizes and widths most shoes will be ordered and available for pick up within 3-5 business days after the order is placed. Coming in Spring of 2025 more styles and sizes will be available onsite.


We carry Power Step Flip Flops with built in supports for the summer, available while supplies last.

When temperatures rise and footwear feels too stifling, or if you’re seeking beach-ready flip-flops with added arch support, turn to PowerStep® ArchWear™ orthotic sandals. Crafted to offer foot support and alleviate discomfort stemming from conditions like plantar fasciitis, these sandals are ideal for vacations, errand runs, or leisurely strolls around the home. PowerStep orthotic sandals boast contoured arch support within a lightweight, slip-resistant design. Featuring a plush inner lining and shock-absorbing cushioning, they promote a more comfortable stride, while a deep heel cradle enhances stability. Say goodbye to foot fatigue and discomfort by opting for orthotic sandals and slides.




Need a little more support? Compliment any shoe with Power Step Prefab Orthotics, in stock and ready for same day purchase and pick up at all Foot Care Center Locations


Medical-grade foot support calibrated with flexibility

PowerStep® Insole ProTech Classic Full Length offers an optimal blend of comfort and firm yet flexible support. Its multi-layered construction provides cushioning and protection for the heel, making it an ideal choice for various types of shoes, including running, cross trainers, casual, dress, and work shoes. This insole effectively alleviates pain associated with over-pronation (mild to moderate), plantar fasciitis/heel pain, foot, arch, and heel pain, calluses, hammertoes, claw toe, bunions, neuromas, as well as ankle and knee pain.




* PowerStep flip flops and orthotic insoles are available on site. Shipping orders are also available while supplies last, if you would like to place a shipping order please call 856-691-2152 and ask for Kate Rodriguez, shipping costs will be calculated based on location at the time of order.